Friday, April 22, 2011

6.20 P-HEN R1 by Punker69 (Lol its me)

"6.20 P-HEN R1 by Punker69"

Well the source code of this P-HEN was Came From reversed hen of 6.20 TN-HEN.

It tooks me a Few Days Before i compiled it because some files are Missing.

Homebrew Supported.
Plugins Supported.
PSX Games Supported.

it has No vsh menu.

Bugs P-HEN R1 Bugs:
Failed to Spoof Mac.
Wrong Spelled version ( P-HAN R1) suppose to be P-HEN R1  , Damn!

TN-HEN Reversed Code (thanks to all who reversed)
Dark-Alex For His SDK (Psp-packer)
bbtgp for his prxencrypter (ability to sign hombrews)
Thanks to my Mom and my Family

    this file  5.4MB
*Extract the Files 
*Connect your Usb 
*Copy the Folder to ms0 : Psp / Game
*Disconnect your Usb
*Launched P-HEN R1


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