Friday, March 4, 2011

HEN: 6.XX Hombrew EnablerS and Custom Firmwares

What is HEN?
A HEN (Homebrew Enabler) is a piece of software that allows you to run homebrew games on your Sony PSP
TN Hen relies on a kernel exploit in order to achieve this.

6.20 TN-C        (For all Psp models with 6.20 OFW)
6.20 TN-D        (For all Psp models with 6.20 OFW)
6.3X Pro HEN  (For all Psp models with 6.30/6.31 OFW)
6.35 Pro HEN   (For all Psp models with 6.35 OFW)
6.36 Pro HEN   (For all Psp models with 6.36 OFW)

If you have a firmware below 6.20, we suggest you upgrade to 6.20 or higher, and install one of the above.
If you have firmware 6.37 or above, there is no Hen for you yet

What is LCFW/CFW? [Source of]

*a CFW (custom firmware) is a bunch of hacks that enable iso loading, plugin support, recovery menu, etc… on old models of PSPs. The most famous work on CFW was performed by Dark_Alex. a CFW gets installed in the flash of the PSP, and overrides the Official firmware at startup. Technically, for the end user, it means that if you turn off your psp, then turn it on again, you still have the CFW. Custom Firmwares are not possible anymore on modern PSPs, as Sony patched a critical hardware bug that made CFW possible. The first motherboards to have this patch are the infamous “ta88v3″ released in summer 2008. Basically no PSP bought new after this period can get a CFW.

* a LCFW (Live/Light Custom firmware) is the same thing as a CFW (actually, the LCFW we currently know about are mostly made of reverse engineered files from earlier CFWs), except it patches the Ram after the PSP is turned on (LCFW are usually kernel mode homebrews, so they require a kernel hack, which is what the Hen provides, see below). While the CFW patches the PSP firmware at boot time, for LCFW you need to patch the Ram after the Firmware is booted. From the end user’s point of view, this means that if you turn your PSP off, you will need to run the LCFW again (and, of course, the Hen before that) in order to activate it. Keep in mind that putting your PSP in “sleep” mode is not equivalent to turning it off. If you put your psp in sleep mode, the LCFW stays in Ram

6.20 ZeroWare-A   [Not yet Release] (LCFW)
6.20 OI LCFW       [Not yet Release] (LCFW)
6.35 PRO-B                                       (LCFW)
6.35 PRO-B2                                     (LCFW)
6.35 Neur0n CFW v15   (CFW For Hackables)
6.37 ME-4 Neur0n         (CFW For Hackables)

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