Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PSP Custom Firmware Informer v2 (CFI)

"PSP Custom Firmware Informer v2 or also Known 

As  CFI"

There You Go The Fan Page "Called Psp Coldbird  and VF blogs" Intruduce PSP CFI v2

Here's The Changelog:

fixed a bug of hanging while selecting 6.00
added 4.xx information

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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello Symbianize   i can prove it like i said  : ). Ako yung sumali sa forum Niyo .

Yun lang ahahaaha.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


"PSP INFO v0.1 By Punker69"

My Blog:
What is This?

This is a Tool that Can Check your Psp Information.

This Only Works on HEN and CFW , For ALL PSP

//Here's the following You Can See About Your Psp Information//
*PSP Firmware
*Kernel Version
*PSP Model ID
*Ability to Downgrade
*CPU Clock
*Bus Rate
*Battery Life Time
*Battery Life Time in Percent
*Battery Temperatur
*Battery volt rate
*System Memory Space
Known Bugs: Sorry You Can't Exit For a While. You Need to Turn off PSP and On it again.

I'll Fix this Soon and i will add more Features

If You Found Bugs Please Report it on my blog :))

Punker69 for the EBOOT
HeroKing for the ICON0 and PIC1


Monday, May 30, 2011

"PSP CFI Custom Firmware"

 PSP CFI "Custom Firmware informer"

An all new App 

from a PSP coldbird and VF blog have released.

Now u wont need to ask anyone which CFW to use just select your firmware and it will tell you what to use

and links to download the stuff required future release will be containing informmation about 4.xx firmware

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hide Your Folders v0.2

Title: Hide Your Folders
Author: Punker69
Type: Tool

Hello !
My Entry For Genenis Comp.

P.S By the Way Splash Screen appears after the gameboot :)).

This Tool allows to Hide your Important Folders Works on all Psp and FW.

*Press [X] To Go Hide Folders Menu
*Press [O] To Go Unhide Folders Menu
*Press [^] To Create Folders Menu
*Press [L] To View Genesis Logo
*Press SELECT to Exit

1) Copy the Folder called "Hide Your Files" in GAME [ ms0:/PSP/ GAME]

Developer: Punker69
Maker of the Genenis ICON [ i use it as my PIC1]

My Blog:



*May 20 2011 = First Released!
*May 22 2011 [v0.1] = Change the Menu and Buttons , Create Folder
*May 23 2011 [v0.2] = add Screenshot hide , Fix Hide GAME , You Can Now Hide Game without hiding this APP. So You Can Still unhide it. 

Source of

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Punker69 Psp Flash Dump ^_^ v3" [UPDATED]

"Psp Flash Dump ^_^ v3 for all psp"

Allows You To Dump your flash  0,1,2,3 , Nand and UMD eboot.bin and Memory  by Choosing

*Connect your Usb
*Place the Folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME
*Unplugged Usb then Launch the eboot.

*You Can Found all dump files at ms0.

//if you found Bug please report it here at my Blogspot page :D//
Please Comment on my Blog Http://

Thanks to those who help me ;)

Sorry if i did not include icon for the eboot ,i dont have skills to make
March 28,2011 [Psp flash dump v1]
Dump Your flash 0,1,2,3
March 29,2011 [ Psp flash dump v2]
Dump Your Nand by pressing /\ button  (useful for psp 1k,2k)
March 30,2011 [Psp flash dump v2]
add fuction to Dump Your EBOOT.PBP in v2 [aka Extract]
May 5,2011 [Psp flash dump v3]
- New Menu :D
- Remove Dump EBOOT.PBP
- Add Dump Memory
- Add Dump UMD boot.BIN
- When Dumping add Text :))
- Fix Bugs Now Works on all PSP and Version (CFW/HEN)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

6.20 TrickBrick Pro-Update (Sign Version)

Now this File is Sign and Should Now Work on Both OFW and HEN/CFW.

If You Dont Know what is this then look at this  TrickBrick Pro update First Released

 I want to Thanks 
> Moskit0  for  Solving My Problem Signing this :D