Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Punker69 Psp Flash Dump ^_^ v3" [UPDATED]

"Psp Flash Dump ^_^ v3 for all psp"

Allows You To Dump your flash  0,1,2,3 , Nand and UMD eboot.bin and Memory  by Choosing

*Connect your Usb
*Place the Folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME
*Unplugged Usb then Launch the eboot.

*You Can Found all dump files at ms0.

//if you found Bug please report it here at my Blogspot page :D//
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Thanks to those who help me ;)

Sorry if i did not include icon for the eboot ,i dont have skills to make
March 28,2011 [Psp flash dump v1]
Dump Your flash 0,1,2,3
March 29,2011 [ Psp flash dump v2]
Dump Your Nand by pressing /\ button  (useful for psp 1k,2k)
March 30,2011 [Psp flash dump v2]
add fuction to Dump Your EBOOT.PBP in v2 [aka Extract]
May 5,2011 [Psp flash dump v3]
- New Menu :D
- Remove Dump EBOOT.PBP
- Add Dump Memory
- Add Dump UMD boot.BIN
- When Dumping add Text :))
- Fix Bugs Now Works on all PSP and Version (CFW/HEN)


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    ok Thanks i'll email you if i have new Release tools or Homebrew for psp.