Monday, May 23, 2011

Hide Your Folders v0.2

Title: Hide Your Folders
Author: Punker69
Type: Tool

Hello !
My Entry For Genenis Comp.

P.S By the Way Splash Screen appears after the gameboot :)).

This Tool allows to Hide your Important Folders Works on all Psp and FW.

*Press [X] To Go Hide Folders Menu
*Press [O] To Go Unhide Folders Menu
*Press [^] To Create Folders Menu
*Press [L] To View Genesis Logo
*Press SELECT to Exit

1) Copy the Folder called "Hide Your Files" in GAME [ ms0:/PSP/ GAME]

Developer: Punker69
Maker of the Genenis ICON [ i use it as my PIC1]

My Blog:



*May 20 2011 = First Released!
*May 22 2011 [v0.1] = Change the Menu and Buttons , Create Folder
*May 23 2011 [v0.2] = add Screenshot hide , Fix Hide GAME , You Can Now Hide Game without hiding this APP. So You Can Still unhide it. 

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