Thursday, March 3, 2011

6.20TN-D End OF Rumor!!!


It is with amusement that we have seen, since few days, a certain tension in forums after the publication of false information regarding the non-release of Homebrew Enabler 6.20TN-D. Before going on guesswork, you should have, if you have a doubt that such a thing is true, we are still in the best position to publish it and, as this is not the case, there is still something fishy, no?

Having said that, by dint of taking cash what is published on sites with no credibility or legitimacy to do so, it is clear that this kind of rumor is inevitable. Some are so desperate to make their blog being famous, that they can lead to make some trolls which sometimes arrives even on respectables sites but do not necessarily check their sources properly.

However, it is true that Total_Noob is very angry with the Chinese who plagiarize his work without any shred of remorse or gratitude. This kind of thing irritates and done once again, that the urge to put sympathetic things online is not necessarily there. Be pillaged by puppets in search of fame is a disease that eats away the motivation of those who do things well.
But, as always, our promises have been kept, we can announce that the 6.20TN-D will be online within hours / days. When, exactly ? On friday night, at least.
Wait and see.

Official :

(6.20 TN-D by Total_Noob)
- Added homebrew icon (thanks to PhysXPSP).
- Added full PSone gaming support (PSN PSone games, converted PSone games).
  ICON0.PNG will be replaced if it isn't 80x80, else pops.prx causes a crash (custom icon by PhysXPSP).
- Added KEYS.BIN creation (possibility to share PSN PSone games).
- Added possibility to resume unofficial PSone games on PSPgo.
- Added plugins support for PSone games.
- Added TiltFX(motion controller) and Action Replay(cheat device) support (thanks to HacKmaN).
- Added possibility to translate TN VSH Menu.
- Added possibility to use own font table for TN VSH Menu.
- Fixed flash0 protection bug.
- Fixed 32gb memory stick incompatibility.
- Fixed bug that causes a crash when you suspend the device (manually) in TN VSH Menu.
- Increased large memory to 51mb.

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