Saturday, April 23, 2011

6.38 Kernel Exploit!

Total Noob  Developer of  HEN Called 6.20TN-A/B/C/D/E  Found an kernel exploit again!

           Developer Statement                                              
When I got a new PSPgo (other one was bricked, 'cause this **** Perma-Patch), I decided to spend some time to find a new Kernel Exploit. This is the result after one week. It is not going to be released, 'cause there's no ISO-Loader integrated, so you guys are probably not content with it.
            Proof OF Concept Video:

Well after i made a Poc Hombrew showing text like this ,

Here': Download


  1. Punker69 : You can't find this Kernel Exploit ??

  2. hey can anyone even tell me how to find a kernel exploit cause i am a new bee and have upgraded my psp to 6.37 by mistake.
    thanks if u send any replies