Thursday, April 21, 2011

6.20 Pro-b5 Fix version Released!

Having Problem on Loading Psx games in 6.20 Pro-b5?

Then Here's Fix version released by vflame and coldbird.

[!]Fixed freeze on Patapon with Inferno
[!]Fixed version.txt with Windows LRCF
[!]Fixed USB charge
[!]Fixed crash in recovery menu (Plugin Picker)
[!]Fixed compression support with updater
[!]Fixed syscall execution, thanks to neur0n
[!]Fixed plugin load code, now ms0 and ef0 go independently
[!]Fixed crash on system version display
[!]Altered default CFW settings for noobs (PSP Go Savestate Hack)
[+]Added UMD4Homebrew Patch, thanks to ardi
[+]Added DJMAX3 Anti-CFW Patch (CFW Folder Hide)
[+]PSN PSX Games can now use custom manual files
[+]Extended KUBridge Functions and added SDK Examples
Latest changes
[!]VF fixed the black screen bug for 635 and ps1 game bug for 620.

6.20 Pro-b5 Download

6.35 Pro-b5 Download

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