Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Liquidzigong Responded To The Message From Magixien

Still remember the article from Magixien that talks about the future of Custom Firmware 6.20 GEN? It also mentions that Team GEN were upset that Liquidzigoing edited their Custom Firmware, and released a Prometheus plugin in public without asking.

Today, Liquidzigong from a9vg - the creator of Prometheus, has responded it.
Here is the message from Liquidzigong, translated from Chinese to English :
 I never said the Custom Firmware codes were written by me, unlike other developers that stole Dark-Alex ISO loader, IPL Patcher and claimed qw their works. For the past months, I thought that Team GEN has already given up. If Team GEN is not giving up, then why don’t you guys create a plugin such as GEN-D4 or D5 to keep users updated? It is just an excuse overall.
It looks all the Prometheus versions are based on Dark_Alex's Custom Firmware and Custom Firmware GEN, but still, Liquidzigong has spent lots of time on these works. No doubt! We appreciated your hard work. 

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