Saturday, October 23, 2010

92% homebrews support! (6.20 TN HEN)

New Update From Total Noob
the author said:
Now the HEN supports 92% of the homebrews. With the NID Translator (30% done, veeery boring),  I can run homebrews with prx, like: PSPDisp, CSPSP Online, FUSA, LightMp3, PMPPlayer, Go!Tube PRXDecrypter, Psardumper and etc.
Some VLF homebrews crashes, I'll resolve this problem;)

I'll release the HEN before Christmas on PSPGEN.COM, and you can follow all updates there!

P.S. PSPGo isn't arrived yet, it has been delayed :(


  1. this is beautiful. Well, except for the not getting a PS Go part..
    What happened? If someone doesnt send him a GO, how is he gonna be able to test it?

  2. Dont worry Super. He will get it eventually someone is just sending it to him.