Monday, October 18, 2010

6.20 TN HEN Confirmed on psp 3000!

this what the author said (Wololo)

Today I gladly accepted to be a beta tester for Total Noob’s HEN on my PSP3000.
My beloved PSP 3000, which had been on 5.03 for more than a year (thanks Davee) now had to be upgraded to 6.20 and rely on Total_Noob’s expert hands. I must admit I was scared, upgrading a PSP3000 to 6.20 means no return to the great world of chikHen. But I’m strong and I gave up on Davee’s HEN (and Gen’s additions) for the sake of testing. Hey, being allowed to beta-test such a breakthrough is an honor and I wouldn’t have traded my seat :)
Well, the first attempts actually failed (and I almost crapped my pants), but Total_Noob quickly figured out the issues (did I mention he’s an expert?), and I could confirm that the HEN on 6.20 is 100% real (and I almost crapped my pants a second time), as I was able to run Wagic from the XMB on a PSP3000 on OFW 6.20, as you can see on this video.             

A HEN is a “Homebrew Enabler”. This is a piece of software relying on a kernel exploit to patch the Ram, and allow PSP owners to run unsigned software (Homebrews) directly from the XMB. According to Total_Noob, the HEN for 6.20 will be released “Before Christmas”. It should work on all PSP models (at least I could confirm with my own eyes for the psp3000 :) ), but PSPGo remains to be confirmed. There is no official information yet regarding 6.30/6.31, but the kernel exploit still exists on these firmwares, so there is hope.
Exciting times ahead for the PSP scene :)
I’ll be sure to announce anything new here, but you can also follow the news on Total_Noob’s blog at .

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