Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Repair Your Semi-Brick Psp [ALL PSP MODELS]

PSP Semi Brick Recovery for all CFW including 6.20Pro-4 CFW.
with recovery menu installed!

//if you dont have recovery menu  on your then Sorry we dont have any solution for now.//
//Works with psp 3000 and Psp Go Using a Permanent CFW with recovery menu//

Watch the video by The_prototype

- Improved app by Punker69
- Now homebrew can be sent from the XMB
- If you do not place update correct of the model of psp that returned you use you to the XMB, therefore if he is semibrick but the probably thing it is that crash but does not send update (Thanks to this is but safe)

This tutto would show to them like recovering of semi-brick a any PSP with CFW and PRO-B4 For this recovery is not needed to flasher and runs the same risk that the one of a normal update

Neither I, nor, do not become people in charge by brick total, please to read or all the tutto and once understood to realise it and to use the update adapted for their type of PSP, and not to try in permanent TN-D with recovery so that the protection of the flash this always is stayed as activated in these cases and either to be disturbed the console

we needed?

Psp slim or fat with CFW with recovery or
Any PSP of any type until GO! with permanent Pro
The following attached archives:
M2 in case of PSP go and MS in case of cualkier another PSP
And update 6,35 for PSP or PSP go Respectively 

We initiate

We deactivate all the plugins, and if seplugin is necessary to erase the folder,
I recommend to erase it for greater security
We connect the PSP by USB and if this semi-bricked we already connected beforeby means of recovery
We extract pack in the MS or M2 of ours PSP
Re-name the update of PSP or PSP go to OFW.PBP and we put to the folder " UPDATE" that one is in " PSP/GAME"
We initiate the menu recovery and we give the option to initiate PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/Eboot.PBP It will show the following thing to us:

We press X It will show the following thing to us:

and it would initiate update we normally installed it to 6.35
With the recommendations that already we know to connect it to the current electrifies etc
When finishing we will be in 6.35 and with our PSP without semi-brick

Source: ... 363#p76363

The only condition To redistribute is please to put the source original
Thanks to:
-Punker69 by homebrew
-The_prototype by tutto and devises by the support And
-to M33user by his trick.prx of its false update m33


  1. not working in my psp 2000 HEN dat i updated 6.20 perma TN_D ,. ders a error in upddating 6.35 i try 6.39 n other MS ....error 88800014 Not reading

  2. got an error 80010018 when installing the 6.35 update. Have an official Sony MS. Any suggestions?