Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My ChickHEN mod ^^ 5.03

5.03 HEN Mod for Psp 3000  by Punker69 - oRIGinal by davee

the Best ChickHen mod for 5.03 OFW

The Latest HEN is 6.20 TN-B and it allows us to downgrade back to 5.03 ofw thanks to total Noob.

This will Never failed to load the HEN.

instructions: 1. Copy the Picture and the root or replace the folder.
              2. Copy the H.bin and put it at the root.

How to Load Fast? 1.Set your theme to Original {dont put it on Classic}
                  2.Go to Photo Folder then Click X then dont do anything dont scroll. (No need timing for this)
                  3.Now it will reboot check your System software then should look like this : 0.00 Punker69


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