Friday, December 3, 2010

TN Hen will be released for 6.35

Im Just Quote This From Wololo Site
Important note: The following article represents my own understanding of the current situation, and is not an official statement by Total_Noob. Only the quote “I’ll release HEN for 6.35 with VSH Exploit” is by him and the rest is my own interpretation. I am not working on the Hen which is 100% TN’s work.
Update: To clear some confusion: it is still possible that TN will release 6.20 Hen before 6.35 Hen, I don’t know about this and I didn’t ask him yet.
Lots of you have been asking questions about Total_Noob’s silence recently, despite the release of a new firmware from Sony, OFW 6.35.
You may recall that TN’s initial plan was to release the Hen for OFW 6.20 through the Patapon exploit and HBL, and he said that “When Sony releases a new firmware [he would] port it to 6.31″.
This statement was assuming Sony would release a new firmware AFTER the release of the Hen, in order to patch it…but 6.35 came unexpectedly.
You may also remember that Total_Noob announced he also has a vsh user mode exploit that could work with the Hen. After discussing with several hackers he had decided to keep that one under wraps, and use the patapon exploit on 6.20 instead… but again 6.35 came and changed things.
In the current state, releasing the Hen only for 6.20 would feel only like a “semi success”… I contacted Total_Noob yesterday, and his answer was short but clear:
I’ll release HEN for 6.35 with VSH Exploit
So, there you go.
This means several things:
  • Total_Noob has probably been extremely busy recently porting his work to a new firmware and a new exploit. So let’s let him breathe :)
  • This announce might delay the release of the Hen, but I am not sure about that, Total_Noob didn’t tell me how far he is in the port.
  • The Hen will work directly on 6.35, will not require a commercial game or even a Demo, and will not require HBL. It will run directly from somewhere in the XMB
This is pretty good news for 6.3x owners I guess :)
Oh, and no matter what, do not upgrade for now. I personally have proof that the Hen works on 6.20, nothing else. So don’t upgrade before you see an actual release!
I updated the FAQ with this new information. Keep up the good work, TN!
Thats Good News For Psp Users with version 6.31/6.36

the advantage of this exploit

1. Can Play Newest Games, Demo
2. Access To Psn Store
3. See the New Features
4. Very Fast Than Game Exploit

Also I made Predict  CountDown Timer  For 6.20 TN HEN

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