Saturday, November 6, 2010

6.31 TN-A (HEN) port. TN has working VSH exploit too

Total_Noob has just posted an interesting comment on his Blog a few hours ago, looks like he might be working on a 6.31 TN-A (HEN) port for Wololo’s HBL  for Everyone’s golf. But even more interesting if you ask me, is the fact that Total_Noob also has some other tricks up his sleeve. Another exploit he found, not a save Game exploit. But a working VSH one. Remember the tiff exploit, that gave use chickHen from Davee? Well the principal is basically the same. A VHS EXPLOIT will let us run the exploit via the XMB and there is no need to first load a game first like Papaton 2.
However there is a catch, as Total_Noob points out below:
I am thinking about porting my HEN to 6.31. For that I need an exploit, myself, I found VHS exploit, but wololo thinks: “This is a waste, better port it to Everybody’s Golf and such golf games”.
Advantage of VSH exploit
- You don’t need to buy any game
- It’s faster to load than starting a game
Disadvantage of VSH exploit :
- One more exploit lost
Advantage of golf exploit
- Sony already know this exploit, so it’s not a waste
Disadvantage of golf exploit:
- Sony can patch/remove the game easily So, if I port my HEN to the golf exploit, Sony will patch/remove the game and then I have to release my VSH exploit. Other hackers, do you have an other idea?
After  an hour He change his mind :

“I’ll release HEN for 6.20. When Sony releases a new firmware (but I don’t think so, because they don’t care about the PSP anymore), I’ll port it to 6.31 (idea by Flyer)”. (Thanks to Sakuryu for the tip). This more or less matches my suggestion so I’m happy with this idea. Thanks Total_Noob :)

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